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Generic Valtrex (Generic Valtrex, Valtrex® equivalent)

Valtrex is used to treat chickenpox in children and teenagers. As well as Treating shingles (herpes zoster), cold sores (fever blisters or herpes labialis), and treating or suppressing genital herpes. It is also effective in treating herpes with HIV positive patients.


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Drug Medical Information


  • Valacyclovir can be taken with or without food.
  • Patients with kidney disease should consult with their physicians as dosages will need to be reduced.
  • For the treatment of herpes zoster (shingles), the usual dose is 1 gm three times a day for seven days.
  • Begin treatment at the first symptom, as it is most effective if started within forty-eight hours of the rash onset.
  • In the case of an initial occurrence of herpes, the usual dose is 1 gm twice daily for ten days.
  • For recurring episodes, the usual dose is 500 mg twice daily for five days.
  • Beginning treatment within twelve hours of the first symptom provides the best results.


Please consult with your physician if you are pregnant or nursing.

Side effects:

Valacyclovir has similar side effects to acyclovir.

  • The most common side effects are vomiting and headaches.
  • Dizziness, diarrhea and abdominal pain are less frequently experienced.

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